Elementairy vision

Our body and that of our animals consists of chemical connections of carbon, hydrogen oxygen nitrogen and phosphor. These connections form together a cell. Each sort of cell has its own lifetime, its own function and its own reaction mechanism. In the body is a coherency between cells to create an organism. Every cell and therefore every organism, has an electromagnetic field. When even very subtle changes are being noticed in the animal you know it is said that it's electromagnetic field has changed.


Holistic comes from the Greek "Holos ", for which the English equivalent is "the whole". Whole in a sense of whole animal (physical, mental and spiritual) and because every treatment has an open minded approach to the best possible fitting option, chosen from the whole range of therapies.. Emphasis on the inner being, love and respect for your animal and for your lifestyle.

The treatment

The electromagnetic field imbalance can be restored in different ways. One is acupressure. After noticing the imbalance in an acupressure point it is immediately restored with acupressure. Another option is the H-3 antennae. It is an instrument with which can be tuned in on the frequency of different bodyparts and diseases. Especially useful in a treatment by photograph, in physical absence of the animal. Every first contact with an animal is started by a reading of its life from the very beginning in the womb of mother until the day of treatment. Every year of your animals life where something has happened which bothers him/her and which has caused an impairement this very moment becomes clear to me. phytotherapy Aromatherapy losing toxic chemical substances, Schusslersalts and simple homeopathic remedies give more than 500 possible improvements to choose from for your animal. The best options for the moment of treatment are chosen and given to your animal in a bottle of drops for the first four weeks after the treatment.

Most complaints haven't come at once and therefore they won't have left the body at once. Because we approach the the selfrestoring possibility of an organism, we need to give it some time to react.

Treatable complaints:

Whether the complaint originates in your animals inner life or from an outside intrusion is of no importancy. The only limit is the animals lifespan. I can feel the end of an animals life, so then there is nothing possible anymore, and I will say so to you. Between birth and this moment life can improve to a good condition, although not every illness can be healed.


Most animals are treated after having been to the vet. Animals don't need to be in pain, so when there is a short veterinary treatment why not? After this the cause of the illness can be removed out of the animals energetic system and the mental and spiritual level can be treated so the illness impossibly can come back..

Which animals?

Dogs, cats, other small animals and horses are the ones with which we share our daily life. That's why we notice in an early stage something is not right. For your Holistic Animal Therapist all equal to each other and they deserve an equal amount of attention and the same treatment.

Place of treatment

When you are in Holland on a holiday with your animal I can do the firtst treatment in Holland. Continuous treatments can be done on a distant, by a photograph which shows your animal alone. During the treatment I will write down the imbalances I run across. This formula will be sent to you by mail with the bottle of drops.


The tariff for a treatment is , 69,--and € 69,-- per hour for after treatment communication by email or telephone. An in Holland performed distant treatment is added with € 14,95 for sending a parcel with drops and a handwritten comment during the treatment.

Required information:

All bottles strips and boxes of in former treatment or a list of those, used medication can influence your animal today, so please send me the names of used medication .At the first photo-meeting I would like to receive a picture of your animal where it is on alone and undressed (refers especially to horses in winter)


A treatment of your Holistic Animal Therapist can NEVER be instead of going to the vet. Please always go to the vet if you feel worried, also during the time of your treatments with your Holistic Animal Therapist.

Membership: Your Holistic Animal Therapist is member of the American Holistic Veterinairy Medical Association.

Something other than the treatment of your animal: Some places, stables and houses are unpleasant to reside, and there is no pointable clue to this unpleasant feeling. The only thing you notice is that your animal doesn't feel right. Here your animals environment needs to be cleaned from radionics.


Please send me a handwritten two dimensional drawing of each floor of your property. Your Holistic Animal Therapist will measure through and remove sick and- tired making radiation.
After sending €195,-- to my bankaccount we will set a day where I will from here measure through the house and let let sickmaking radiation disappear. The treatment takes one day and you will receive the drawing and what I found back. Please send the drawings to:

Holistic Animal Therapist
Carmen Wilbers
Mooksestraat 29 6562 ZT Groesbeek
The Netherlands


A treatment on a distance by photograph is also possible for you as animal lover or one of your friends or children. The contents of the treatment is the same as of a "live"-treatment and the price is 69,--, so the same. People often carry a heavy load with them which makes treating peolpe heavier for me. That explains the price..After sending 69,--+ € 14,95 parcel costs to my bankaccount we will make an appointment for the distant treatment. Things that appear to me you will get back on paper in keywords and you recieve a bottle of drops for about 4 weeks. Please submit your address too.


Please contact me by email: carmen.wilbers@online.nl or carmen@holistischdierentherapeut.eu or by mobile phone: +31652342761 The phone will be answered from 09.00 AM until 10.00 PM If a treatment requires it I will not be able to answer the phone during the day or early evening Please try it again some time later.

Best thing to do is send me an sms or a Whats App-message with a picture.

If all communication fails due to computerproblems there is the phone, not being a smartphone number 31243972076.